Ultimate Silent Auction Fundraiser Guide 5 Steps to Fundraising Success Free Online Silent Auction Fundraisers

When you tell them how much fun they’ll have, they’ll see themselves having fun. When you tell them how beautiful the sunsets will be, they’ll imagine how beautiful it will be. When you tell them how great it will be to rejuvenate their marriages, they’ll picture themselves holding hands. Your descriptions plus their imaginations will drive your silent auction revenue through the roof. When your silent auction committee members are actively working to collect donations, arm them with a one-sheet overview about your organization and the event.
For online auctions, quality high resolution item imagery, pithy descriptions and software make the biggest difference. You’ve spent a lot of time planning and perfecting your upcoming silent auction so why not customize your bid sheet as well? Without any coding, you can make as many modifications to your Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template as needed. Just drag and drop elements around until you’re happy with the layout, then edit the text to meet your exact needs. And if you’d like to connect this template to an auction form, create one in just a few clicks using our versatile Form Builder.
A raffle is a great way for an organization to raise money, such as a school, church, charity, or municipal group. In order to join a raffle, interested buyers typically purchase a ticket, which constitutes one entry and one chance to win an item. Generally, businesses or services donate an item to be raffled off, including small items like gift cards and services like a spa day. Not only does this help maximize the impact of your online silent auctions, but it also saves money and time behind the scenes for your organization. Swappy makes sure your donors can bid from anywhere in the world. With so many unique items up for auction, bidders across the world will want the chance to participate in your event, so Swappy helps your online charity auction expand its reach globally.
Remember, you don’t need to chase after Hollywood A-listers or top influencers. There may be some local celebrities who are more readily accessible and willing to lend your charity a hand. Ask donations for silent auction of your nonprofit’s board members for some ideas and potentially willing contacts. If you’re engaged in virtual fundraising, your audience may be spread across various locations. In that case, the destination isn’t as important because it’s likely that audience members will need to travel no matter where they’re currently located.
Silent auctions are often held as fundraisers for nonprofit organizations. The items auctioned off are typically donated by people or companies, and the money raised by the winning bids goes directly to the nonprofit group. Silent auctions are a great way for nonprofit and growing organizations to gain awareness and clients or customers. Below, we’ll help you start brainstorming by highlighting 30 high-performing silent auction item ideas that build off these themes. These popular auction items can help inspire your event’s next bidding war. If your event already has a theme, try to pair your silent auction items with that.