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There are many different sectional and sofa styles from which to choose, making it easy to find a piece that works well in your home. When choosing a sofa or sectional, the primary considerations are size and style. First, measure your living space or family room to determine what size sofa the room can comfortably accommodate. Remember, the best practice is to account for two feet of space around the sofa or sectional to ease traffic flow. Next, think about beds san diego and what style sofa will best fit your space. A low couch or low sofa reads modern, while an elegant sofa with a high sit feels more traditional.
Although Burrow offers a limited range of “performance” fabrics (between three and five, depending on the line), the deep neutrals, navies, and greens are rich and saturated. And the tight-weave fabrics are sturdy, stain-resistant, and ideal for households with kids and pets, since they wipe clean. (Our tester hosted three dogs at once on the Range sectional, and it was no worse for wear.) The Nomad collection also comes in “performance” velvet and leather. To see how these sectionals would hold up to real-life use, we purchased a number of options to try in our very own homes.
I also like being able to pull one part of the sofa away to act as a chair when I have guests over. When picking your corner sofa, it’s important to consider its many different uses. Your starting point is its primary day-to-day use, but keep in mind that your sofa might double as a sofa bed, a dinner spot and more.
Contrary to what you might think, you don’t have to stick to tiny furniture even if your home is humble in size. You love comfort — or you’re simply someone who entertains regularly. For these purposes, a sofa sectional delivers the roominess, features and adaptability you seek for your living area. There are a few things you can do to make your space look larger when you style a sectional. “When styling a sectional, we recommend accenting it with pillow groupings and at least one throw blanket,” Scheck says.
With individual seats and a moveable ottoman, you can create multiple configurations, including an L-shaped or U-shaped couch with chaise lounges for stretching out. Thanks to its flexible design, you can adapt and adjust its layout over time to suit your needs. The seat cushions feature a dense foam for a supportive yet plush feel that resists sagging for years to come. What’s more, the zippered covers are removable and washable for easy cleaning. Our main complaint is that this made-to-order product does take a few weeks to ship.
Want a neutral-toned couch that’ll last forever and work with various color palettes? Or maybe you’re looking for a jewel-toned pop of color to decorate your living room around? Whether you want something luxurious, extra-durable, or even washable, we’ve got options for ya, so just think about your decor (and any fur babies/actual babies that may wreak havoc on your new piece). Also, remember that natural fabrics feel softer, but they aren’t nearly as easy to clean and maintain as synthetic fabrics. When looking for sectionals for small spaces, you want to focus on finding the right style, fabric, and size. What I love about my new sectional sofa is that I was able to customize every little detail down to the throw pillows to fit the needs of my home.
A corner couch adds a contemporary edge and can become the focal point of any living room. Its ability to maximize space makes it a great choice for apartments and small rooms. On the other hand, a traditional sofa provides an element of sophistication with its smooth lines and can add charm to any interior.
Large items (sofas, TV stands, dining tables, etc.) that ship via Truck Delivery will need a freight carrier pick up. Once you let us know you would like to make the return, we begin the paperwork required for the return. Once the paperwork is processed, the carrier will reach out to you to schedule a pick up on the next available route. Truck delivery is unlike the small parcel carriers such as UPS or FedEx, and don’t have regular routes to every neighborhood each day. Once the carrier can confirm the route, they will reach out to you to schedule an appointment. While freight carriers call at least a business day or two in advance, they tend not to call earlier than that.
Plus, you have the choice to maneuver the sectional pieces as you desire, giving you the opportunity to change your living room at will. With one purchase, you can instantly create additional conversation and relaxation areas in your house, always knowing your furniture will match. There are a lot of different types of sectionals on the market, including L-shaped, U-shaped and modular options, as well as one with a chaise. U-shape models can be tricky to pull off in a small space, given that you’d need to have two seats with legs that go right into each other.
However, the wide range of fabrics, colors, materials, arm & leg styles, and back types make sectionals as stylish as any other sofa. It depends on what you mean by “worth it.” But generally, sectionals offer more seating room per dollar than other pieces. Because you can construct a sectional to fit your room exactly, you can better match the corners and curves in your space that might otherwise go unused with more traditional seating options.