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Either settle on a flat rate per booth or charge a percentage of their profits for the day, ranging from 10% to 25%. Require a registration fee, and give the top contestants a prize (donated by generous local businesses, of course). If all goes well, consider making it an annual event for the community to look forward to each year.
And there are different technology strategies that nonprofits want to try out, but maybe don’t have the financial means to do so. Plus, your business will benefit from the credibility boost that crowdfunding sites can provide. And you’ll have an eager pool of interested customers willing to pay once your project launches. If fundraising sites that don’t charge need significant amounts of cash, equity-based campaigns that offer crowdfunding investments are often the better choice. On the other hand, if you think you’ll be better served by pooling thousands of small donations, reward-based crowdfunding may be best. Fonteva, part of Togetherwork, is an online solution that focuses on organizing, managing, administering and paying for campaigns.
Kickstarter is one of the more famous fundraising sites on this list. Designed to help creatives get their ideas to fruition, this platform has helped innovators produce films, music, designs, games, technology, and everything in between. However, the downside of this fundraising solution is that the creatives only receive the money pledged if they reach their fundraising goal. Kickstarter provides an “all-or-nothing model,” which lets you choose your overall goal and set out a timeline for your campaign. Plus, the timeline encourages your supporters to give and help you reach your goals. It’s easy to do — just upload your shirt design, launch your fundraiser, and encourage supporters to order shirts.
Does your nonprofit have a compelling video that might convince someone to give? Raise money on YouTube using donation cards, which is like adding a donate button on top of the videos that you upload and manage in your channel. When you’re brainstorming how to get donations from more people, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of where they give. You should be especially cautious if the donation experience on your organization’s own website still needs improving – or doesn’t exist at all. Until you experience the death of someone close to you, it’s hard to understand just how expensive dying can be.
We built and support a powerful and practical fundraising platform that is free for nonprofits and intuitively easy to use for donors. Take the time to research your GoFundMe alternative options before launching your next crowdfunding campaign. Assess your campaign’s focus, goals, and needs, then build a list of potential candidates. Use our list as a jumping-off point to consider what features are must-haves and what’s an appropriate budget for your campaign. Raise has no platform fees, but can charge up to 20% of total funds raised.
Whether you’re fundraising for a specific project or simply want to put your nonprofit out there as a charity of choice for individuals, here are 5 trusted and valuable fundraising websites to keep in mind. If you are successful, expect to pay a 6% success fee, a £2,500 completion fee (excl. VAT), and payment processing fees. From Animals & Pets to Community, Sports to Volunteer & Travel, crowdfunding platform GoGetFunding has a huge variety of categories, making it a popular choice for individual crowdfunding campaigns. However, the site does also offer a Business & Startups category—so if you’re looking for crowdfunding for businesses, this platform is definitely worth a look. It is free to create a WeFunder profile and they don’t charge any up-front fees. However, for Regulation CF, founders will pay 7.5% of any successful crowdfunding campaigns.
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Their fundraising platform allows nonprofits to participate in social campaigns, online events, global fundraising, and much more. GoFundMe doesn’t charge start-up or monthly fees but a payment processing charge of 2.9% + $0.30 per donation for individuals and businesses and 2.2% + $0.30 for charities. GoFundMe is a great site for fundraising if you’re crowdfunding or need supporters to raise money for you. GoFundMe is also an option for individuals who want to generate money for celebrations, medical bills, and nonprofits trying to raise funds for a particular project. Payment processing fees are 2.2% to 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.