AirPlay not working? Here’s the fix!

Check if both devices are compatible– You have to make sure that all the devices you are trying to connect are compatible with each other and support AirPlay. However, like other iOS features, AirPlay can sometimes stop working for some reason. If AirPlay not working the way it should, this article will propose solutions that will help you fix the problem. Now, uncheck the box for Block all incoming connections. Certain Firewall settings can block your Mac from AirPlay. So, if you’re using Firewall and AirPlay features simultaneously, check specific Firewall settings, so they don’t interfere with AirPlay.
This problem is self-explanatory, but we will elaborate more on how to fix it in the following part of this article. It may be your iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple TV, or other Apple devices. On the other hand, you may not have yet enabled the AirPlay feature on your device. You must check it to make sure it is ready to work. Chances are you forgot to turn it on before using it or unintentionally turned it off without your knowledge.
After it restarts, you should be able to select it as the AirPlay audio destination from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. If you can’t pick your HomePod as the speaker, try again a couple of times. First, select your device as the output, and once that’s successful, try choosing your HomePod again. To confirm, touch its screen, and you should see it light up.
For years, it used to mean streaming music from your iPhone to a HomePod or movies from your Mac to Apple TV. Now, you can even use your Mac as a receiving device. For example, if you have an iMac, you can initiate a movie on your iPhone and then stream it to the big screen. When your AirPlay is not working, it’s usually because of a pairing timeout. This is despite the pairing display indicating that the devices are still paired and ready to be used via AirPlay Mirroring. Thus, it’s suggested to disconnect and reset your connection.
Continuous contributor and active user of Reddit, StackExchange, Instructables and other technical and special resources. Firmware on Samsung TVs can include newer versions of AirPlay. For instance, Samsung Series 7 Smart TVs use AirPlay 2, so they won’t get detected by older versions of macOS. What is Screen Mirroring is supported by High Sierra (10.13) or newer versions.
However, you won’t check if the internet is slow or not. What you need to check is the network connection itself. You have to ensure both of your devices are connected to the same network, or else it won’t work.
Hopefully, it will resolve your problem, and you will start sharing your Screen during Zoom. At all, It is a faster streaming or screen sharing tool and available only on newer devices by Apple. It has made the process of streaming videos and meetings easy and quick for everyone.
Go into the ‘Settings’ section on your phone or other device. AirPlay is a proprietary protocol that the Apple company has developed and refined over the years. As with many things related to Apple, this is a service that is meant to run on devices that they manufacture. Select “Allow Access” to choose type of accesses you want. Stay updated on the latest discounts, exclusive promos, and news articles from Saint.