25+ elementary school fundraising ideas

Charge performers a fee when they put their name on the list and watch as students belt out their favorites and embrace their inner star. Performers might not actually be singing or playing instruments, but this fundraiser still requires a lot of talent! Students pay to form teams to participate in a lip-sync showdown and “belt out” their favorite hits, and audience members pay a small entrance fee to witness the showdown. Give the dance an intriguing, yet simple, theme, like a Masquerade Ball, a glow-in-the-dark rave, or Winter Wonderland. What’s a guaranteed way to make reading cool for middle schoolers?
You can host a series of short episodes during the holiday season and invite people beforehand. Make sure every speaker of yours ends the talk with a solid call to action to donate to your nonprofit. Have an online donation page ready so people can contribute right away. Alternatively, reach out to local fraternal or charity organization (shiners, rotary, etc.). A split of profits or flat fee can be an easy win for a team of volunteers.
Then the pieces are adhered to the surface of the tray and sealed. We like this version, found on Pinterest, that creates a fun scene using students’ fingerprints. After your students add their contribution to the piece, you can return it to the shop to be fired. You will need a talented volunteer who can sew to help stitch this project together! For the squares of the quilt, each student will draw their own picture using fabric markers. The teacher who assembled the quilt shown above asked students to create a picture inspired by the theme of friendship.
However, with a little twist you can add an additional source of income to your library this way. Even if your school has multiple groups that hold fundraisers, you can certainly find a creative fundraiser that hasn’t been done yet at your school. You must therefore employ a different strategy when attempting to encourage them to participate.
They may provide some out-of-the-box, creative thinking and suggest more relevant fundraisers to the target audience. (Besides, school fundraiser companies like it when you ask for their input.) Here are over 30 of the best fundraisers for high schools to get you started. Canceled fundraising events have financially hit many high schools due to COVID-19. Your school can continue fundraising during this global pandemic by reworking its fundraising strategies.
Another good idea is to create posters with the rules written clearly on them, and display them near the coin collection containers. In the social media influencer era, getting ideas to refresh our abode has never been easier. Gifts & More Online provides an array of beautiful home décor for those who like to relax at home.
The Oscars have been pretty slow lately, so we think it’s high time for a better awards show. Gather the theater department, the school choir, and the amateur magic club and host a no-holds-barred virtual talent show. You’ll want a really great fundraising platform for this one—a platform that does everything, from selling tickets to providing on-screen donation alerts to celebrate each donation. There’s a certain ebb and flow to life these days, and every once in a while, it’s time for another super-fun lockdown! Discount cards and coupon books are fundraising ideas that give back. Anyone who buys them can use them to get discounts in stores and restaurants.
With a low minimum order size of only 25 items practically any group can run the HIGH PROFIT SNACK FUNDRAISER. We provide each member of your track team with 1 order-taking brochure and ask them to approach friends, family and neighbors. Expensive giveaways, luxury products, and one-of-a-kind pieces make a splash in your community and could draw big spenders to your cause. They’re also effective for high-dollar fundraising events, like silent auctions or galas. You’ll likely need to get these items donated by an organization, or be willing to invest a significant amount of money in order to make a profit.
They can be used alone or combined with order-takers, making it easier than ever to raise money while prioritizing the health and safety of both your students and your supporters. If you’ve already considered designing custom fundraising merchandise, be sure to choose a platform or service that offers multiple ways to sell apparel online. One way to raise money without spending a dime is to start a “Give It Up” challenge. We all have our guilty pleasures — be it fast food, expensive coffee drinks, or a weekly movie night. Open shop right outside your home and post signs around the neighborhood to draw in interested buyers. To bring in an even bigger crowd, promote your garage sale on social media a few weeks in advance.
A singles mixer or traditional speed dating with a cause gives your community a reason to meet their match; supporting a cause already gives your potential date plus points! Everybody has a story to tell, whether inspiring, motivational, or humorous. Host an event by partnering with a thought leader in society or a notable public figure to host an intimate discussion with your community. Discussion sparks inspiration, networking with other members in the community while allowing your audience to engage with the speaker if you include a Q & A panel. The event’s success can lead to a series of discussions that can increase the revenue for your cause with its entrance fee. You’ll need glass magnets, glue, Modge Podge, and original artwork made by your students (made with paint, markers, or crayons on paper).